Presentation of a box called Lowdi

Lowdi is a compact speaker with a stunning sound for its size

Lowdi is a portable wireless speaker with a stunning sound for its size. He connects to any device equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to bring your music with you wherever you go. Lowdi is compact; that's as long as a pencil and half that tall. He comes with everything he needs: a USB cord for charging, an audio cable, and a carrying pouch. The speaker is available for €129. Visit for more information.

Introducing a box called Lowdi.

Lowdi is a compact speaker with a stunning sound for its size.

He's small and easy-going - light-hearted but very social. He's good on the phone and a massive music fan. He's a romantic. While he tends to be a little loud, he likes nothing more than to just blend into the background and help set the scene. He looks great in black and he's not attached ... to anything.

Built around the latest version of Bluetooth (v 4.0), Lowdi makes it nearly impossible to hear the difference between wireless or wired audio. Lowdi is a smart little fella that fits in your hand, is just a bit longer than an iPhone, and packs a powerful, super clear and natural 85dB sound that turns your mobile device into a supercharged Hi-Fi system and any room into a concert hall. An extra-large rechargeable battery ensures 8 hours of non-stop music.

Lowdi comes with all he needs to perform wherever you are:

  • A handsome carrying pouch
  • A USB cord for charging
  • An audio cable for times when Bluetooth isn't available
  • A one page instruction manual
  • Best of all, Lowdi comes with a €129 price tag, free shipping and a free 30 days free trial on

Lowdi has a French touch and a Dutch flavor. He is a collaborative venture between Linkeet - a French digital products supplier - and the independent Dutch digital design agency Momkai.   

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About Lowdi

Lowdi: a mighty little wireless speaker that turns any mobile device into a stunning portable sound system for just €129